Saturday, April 2, 2011

Old Bones

On a recent off-trail tromp through the Matthaei Botanical Gardens' property, Steph and I made a beautiful discovery: the bones of a long-dead deer, scattered and covered by healthy, green turf. Parts of the skeleton were peeking through the growth: here a rib, there a jaw, just barely visible beneath the living, thriving grass. New plants sprouted up around a fragment of the skull, tiny cotyledons catching the sun next to very-white teeth. I feel very fortunate to have seen these bones; by summer they will be covered by vegetation, overgrown and hidden, perhaps for good.

Overgrown Bones I

Overgrown Bones II

Overgrown Bones III

The years pass, and the dead are gradually recycled back into the landscape, their bones nurturing the earth.

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