Sunday, April 17, 2011

Burt Lake

Yesterday, surprising splashes of color were found along Burt Lake's stony shore...

Burt Lake Crayfish I

Burt Lake Crayfish II

I'm not sure of this crayfish's species -- perhaps a virile crayfish (Orconectes virilis)? In any case, the animal had only recently died, and I was absolutely entranced by the vibrant blue of its pincers. The soft parts beneath the exoskeleton will likely be a tasty snack for a raccoon or gull.

Burt Lake Pike

Steph then found the very-fresh head of what we think is a northern pike. Pikes and muskellunges look awfully similar, but the coloration of this fish seemed to match with that of a pike. The mottled pattern was quite beautiful -- perfect underwater camouflage -- and its eyes were very striking. Looking inside the mouth, we discovered lots of tiny, sharp teeth. The rest of this pike's body was long gone, and soon, the head will be scavenged, as well.

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