Friday, April 8, 2011

Links to Enjoy!

Over the past several months, I've amassed a small number of bookmarks relating to dead creatures -- artwork, blogs, news, and so on. I thought it would be nice to share -- some of these links might be familiar, and others might be new... so enjoy!

Dead animals aren't the most common theme in art, but they've certainly become more popular in recent years, especially in the world of photography. The ever-amazing Chris Jordan, whose photography constantly leaves me in awe, made a series of photographs portraying the dead albatross chicks of the Midway Atoll. The photographs are both saddening and enraging, and are perhaps environmental activism art at its finest.

Birds seem to be the most frequent subject, as indicated by this series and this series, as well. I especially like the work of Thomas Brennan (second link): it's a very different look at museum study mounts and taxidermy, with the focus on form (or outline), instead of the flashy colors that birds tend to display.

Jake's Bones is a great blog run by a nine year-old boy in Scotland. He's got a knack for finding some pretty cool animal remains, and his thoughts and evaluations of each bone in his collection are educated, scientific, and fun to read.

Here is an interesting blog post about taxidermy, and it raises some interesting points as well as questions.

Lastly, here is an older article from the New York Times about counting and mapping roadkill.

I'm always on the lookout for new artists, interesting news articles, and blogs that are related to the world of dead animals and/or taxidermy. If you've got anything to share, please do!

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  1. The article about the guy counting and mapping roadkill is quite interesting. I don't know how much people know about the quantity and variety of animals that are killed along roads. In some cases, I have to think that people run some over on purpose, having seen it twice. But I'll bet most are at night, when you can't see as well.