Monday, January 10, 2011

A Year of Useless Creatures

Well, it's 2011! I've been updating this blog for almost a year now, and it's pretty incredible to look back and see just how much I've photographed over the past twelve months alone. I feel that my photography has improved, and I've certainly strengthened my artistic statement and outlook for the series. To make things even better, this blog was featured on, as one of five notable Ann Arbor-area blogs!

In this entry, I'll take a moment to revisit my favorite photographs of 2010 -- starting with January and ending with December.

January Pigeon II
January Pigeon, 1/17/2010

First January Deer
First January Deer, 2/27/2010

Daily Photo: November Skunk Revisited, Returning to the Earth
November Skunk, March, 3/11/2010

April Gull V
April Gull, 4/10/2010

Japanese Cormorant
Japanese Cormorant, 5/18/2010

Vertebra Slug
Vertebra Slug, 6/5/2010

July Carp I
July Carp, 7/31/2010

August Coyote II
August Coyote, 8/7/2010

September Swainson's Thrush IV
September Swainson's Thrush, 9/11/2010

Poached Deer
Poached Deer, 10/24/2010

October Junco IV
October Junco, 11/1/2010

December Crow II
December Crow, 12/25/2010

I'm determined to set some goals for the new year. In 2010, not only did I photograph extensively for Useless Creatures, but I also started a few taxidermy-photography offshoots. These smaller, separate projects are something I'd like to further develop this year. Another topic I want to revisit is the poaching of wildlife -- so when the snow melts for good, I plan on returning to the Brighton Recreation Area and taking more portraits of the poached deer. A third goal is to shoot more film, and not just for Useless Creatures. Lastly, I aim to start doing more research, to discover what the "other side" thinks of these animals, as well as research regarding the decomposition process, scavenging animals, et cetera. Ideally, I'd love to have this project turned into a book -- it's an ambitious goal, and a whole lot of thought, planning, and especially research must be conducted first!

Here's to 2011 -- may it be filled with photography and adventure!

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