Saturday, July 31, 2010


On August 13, Steph and I will be moving from Marquette to Ann Arbor. It will be a tough move to handle, as Marquette has been such a wonderful home for me. With easily-accessible nature, the beautiful Lake Superior, good friends, great music, nice art galleries, and a wonderful view of the mountains from our apartment, I will be very sad to leave. Though Useless Creatures was started here, in Marquette, it will proceed in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor is, after all, my home city. My original fascination with animals -- alive and dead -- began there, and it will continue there, as well. The region is home to a whole different host of wildlife, and that will be reflected in my photographs, stories, and commentary.

I worry that I'll encounter only roadkilled animals in the Ann Arbor area, and I worry that trails for hiking will be harder to locate with ease. I will, however, do the very best I can to keep Useless Creatures going in the same direction as it was started. Though roadkill is easy to find, it's not my favorite subject, and I will try not to turn this into a roadkill-only series. Since I will be living (quite literally) down the street from my parents, I hope to use their wooded backyard for some decomposition studies, which I have been wanting to do ever since I started this project.

Marquette has been wonderful to me, and I love this city dearly. I hope to visit on a semi-regular basis in the future, to hike Presque Isle Park and keep the inspiration alive.

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