Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello, everyone! After much deliberation, I've decided to create a blog centered around my Useless Creatures series, as well as my thoughts behind it.

The Useless Creatures project, officially started in the September of 2009 but unofficially started in April of that same year, is a photography project that concerns dead animals. That's the simple explanation, anyway. In reality, there's a lot more to the project than photographing every dead creature I see -- and this will become clear as I continue to post. Not only will I be using this blog to publish my photography, I will be examining our society's interpretation(s) of dead animals, as well as the importance of creature corpses in the ecosystem.

I know there will be questions, concerning everything from the name of the project to my own character and any ulterior motives, so I will address some of them right away:

Q: Useless Creatures is the name of an Andrew Bird album. Were you aware of this?
A: Yes. This project is named after that album for a number of reasons, which I will post about soon.

Q: You describe yourself as vegan. Are you using this project to protest the killing of animals?
A: Not at all. For reasons I will discuss in the future, every animal that I choose to photograph was either killed unintentionally (for example, hit by a car) or died in nature. In addition, for this project I will not be photographing any deceased domestic animals (pets or livestock), but I certainly will discuss the differing attitudes toward dead tamed creatures.

Q: What happened to Michigan Architecture?
A: It's on hiatus (again). To put it simply, I've photographed as much architecture as I can in Marquette (and much of the Upper Peninsula). I've had little to no inspiration lately, but if I find something to blog about, I will.

With all that said, welcome. I'll try to keep this blog updated regularly!

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